Western Washington University Collective Bargaining Agreement

Links to collective agreements negotiated by public universities will be posted here when we receive them. If the name of the university or college is not linked, we have not received any information about their negotiated agreements. This bargaining unit represents all uniformed non-supervisory staff. (2011-2012, operated under the terms of the 2009-2011 agreement) This bargaining unit represents a unit of workers classified as non-regulatory office workers. Budget Analysis and Other Research Supports in Contract Negotiations Governor Jay Inslee`s budget office, the Office of Financial Management, noted last week that PSE`s collective agreements with Western Washington University, Central Washington University and Washington State University are « financially feasible. » This paves the way for the governor to . This bargaining unit consists of two separate units: supervisors and non-supervisors. The non-supervisory unit represents classified staff who supervise student staff who perform office, cleric and administrative support functions. The supervisory unit represents classified employees who supervise classified employees who perform cleric and administrative support functions. Participants in the Health Care Labor Coalition asked for comments on a proposed amendment to the health agreement between the coalition and Washington state. The addition, which is in the form of a footnote, reflects . Talk about waiting until the last minute! Less than 36 hours before a partial shutdown of the state government, the state legislature finally approved its budget for the 2015-2017 biennium. The good news: the pse`s higher education collective agreements are . We came together and fought for wage increases, protected health care, raised the minimum wage and much more! Our 2019-2021 collective agreements come into effect this month.

Download your contract below. This bargaining unit represents a unit of employees classified as non-supervisors in the areas of custody, maintenance, operations, field, parking, steam installation, postal services and storage stations. UfWW`s success in 2013 was featured in the January 2013 issue of the NEA Higher Education Advocate. Click here to read Mary Ellen Flannery`s article « The Story Behind WWU`s Phenomenal Faculty Contract ». Last week, five members of PSE Western Washington University were honored at a special ceremony that recognized their efforts and contributions to the university over the past year. The following members received the President`s Outstanding Effort Award: Clint Burgess, Scientist and Technical .. . . .

The Evergreen State College, Student Support Services Unit (TESC SSSU)Collective Agreement (CBA)CBA with Change Tracking Click on the representative`s name for contact information. – Legal representation in defense of academic freedom General Government (GG)Collective Agreement (CBA)CBA with continued amendments. . The Washington State Office of Financial Management announced this morning that it would proceed with the proposed changes in Stage M. According to the changes, a public service employee who is placed in a class with a higher grade. * An exception has been promoted or closed – Any permanent campus police officer appointed to permanent employment after his or her first appointment will complete a twelve (12) month probationary period after successfully completing the Washington State Criminal Justice Education Commission`s Basic Law Enforcement Academy. or twelve (12) months if no academic training is required. .