Utv Rental Agreement

You`ll find other device rentals in this lease app. The ATV lease application can be easily modified to include your owner`s operating rules for operating the device, including specific details about vehicle safety, accidental damage protection, down payment amounts, property damage liability rules and cancellation fees for missed reservations. There is no refund, credit, exchange or reduction of rental fees for a late withdrawal or early return. References to a date, time, date/time or time mean and refer to both the applicable date and the time. A vehicle can only be picked up during the hours of operation that we describe as recoverable and a vehicle can only be returned during the hours of operation we call available for returns. A helmet and eye protection are available at each rental at no extra cost. Optional riding gloves, sunscreen, riding jerseys, water bottles, snacks and many other items are sold in our shop. The waiver and sharing details can be adapted to your rental agreements and ensure that all customers are properly informed by your company of the risks, general conditions and real estate rules before renting an all-terrain vehicle. You will find detailed information on all of our rental terms in our rental and liability clause in our retail store.

The electronic off-road vehicle rental application offers a waiver of liability, a list of the GENERAL operating rules of the ATV and the terms and conditions of sale. Please don`t show up without a reservation! Walk-in are NOT ACCEPTED DUE TO COVID-19. You can easily book online 24/7 by clicking the « Book Now » button or by calling 855-4288 during our normal business hours (915). Bookings must be paid in advance to book your rental space. We do our best to cater to all reservations, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee a reservation absolutely. Mechanical disruptions, rental accidents, software errors resulting in overbooking and other unforeseen events can sometimes lead to bottlenecks in the rental unit. Such unforeseen events can occur at any time before your arrival. YOU WILL NOT BE RESPONSABLE IF management is obliged to cancel your booking. In this case, you have the option to reprogram or get a full refund.

RENT A UTV OFF-ROAD ADVENTURES offers professionally managed polaris UTV/ATV rental packages. You drive a newer Polaris Rental Unit model, as our lead vehicle takes you through 14,000 hectares of stunning trails. Explore the old seabed, observe animals in their natural habitat, explore fossil remains and explore the roller coasters of El Paso – THE EXCITING SAND DUNES! Our Polaris UTV/ATV rentals are family-friendly and designed to be safe, fun and exciting for everyone! Almost everyone… Looking for a fishtail in the corners? Do you want to impress your friends while you whip in endless circles and make « doughnuts »? Do you want to offer a humiliating sandcake by roosting them? Welp- Please take your business elsewhere.