Unit 7 Subject-Verb Agreement Answers

Auxiliary verbs are, have and change the form into verbs to show agreement with the subjects of a third person. Much progress has been made in animal production. C 5. Brilliant colorful macaws from South America make attractive pets. He goes home, you run home. She`s here. They`ve arrived. Does she have a ride? Are they on their way? 13. In some farms, a chicken coop welcomes up to 100,000 chickens. . 11. In factories, buildings hold a large number of animals in a small space. 13.

Computer (executes, performs) many tasks in modern farms. 9. Many people like to eat meat from alligator tails. 3. A new science called agriculture (a) has been responsible for much of the improvement. Exercise 1 Write C in the drafts if the verb matches its subject. Write the correct formative verb if the verb does not correspond to its subject. 5.

Most family members (a, have) short, round tails. 20. Nestor, with his pitiful blows, becomes a member of the family. Agriculture (remains, remains) vital to the interests of every human being. 2. New antibiotics reduce the number of deaths in young animals. 3. Scientists continue to look for ways to increase the supply of meat. C 6. However, the price tag on an Ara is beyond my capabilities. 2. Birds of this family (varies, vary) in length from three to forty inches.

5.C is a cross between a cow and the American bison. 17. With only three inches in length representing the dwarf parrots of New Guinea (representative, representative) on the 18th. These huge companies (participate, participate) were part of all facets of agriculture. C 12. This bird, like other tropical birds, grows seeds, nuts and fruits. 17. Large company (bought) many successful farms. 4. Farmers have a strong interest in market conditions and efficiency techniques.

14. They (records, records) statistics on crop production and even (traces, tracking) the weather. The color of the uniforms is red and gold. (The pattern, the color, is unique. Uniforms are the object of preposition and pluralist. The verb is singular to suit with the subject, the color.) C 1. My favorite of both shops is Winged Delights. Exercise 1 Draw a line under the single subject and two lines under the right verbs-formin-agrafes. 16. They say that it is cruel to raise animals under such limited conditions.

10. Intensive farming is now a popular way to raise livestock. 6. Scientifically balanced fertilizers (maintain, maintain) nutrients in high soil.