Tentative Agreement Ontario Teachers

The agreement also includes a student assistance fund which, according to ETFO, will create approximately 434 teaching positions to deal with areas such as special education, English learning and mental health initiatives. Ontario has reached a preliminary agreement with the last major union of untraceed teachers. Union president Harvey Bischof says teachers haven`t gotten everything they want, but the deal will ensure stability in the province`s schools. In recent months, the province has entered into interim contracts with three other teachers` unions following controversial negotiations that have led to the emigration and closure of schools. The Ontario Teachers` Union has reached a preliminary agreement with the provincial government, ending months of union struggle. It was the last education union in the province that did that. Education Minister Stephen Lecce says the agreement advances the priorities of parents and teachers. ETFO explained that separate central agreements have been negotiated for teachers and teaching workers. The Canadian Press received a memo of highlights that the Ontario Elementary Teachers` Federation sent to its members about its recent preliminary contract with the provincial government. The government also weakened its position on increasing the average class size in high school and reduced it to 23 for the duration of the mission. Previously, the government had set a target of 28 and then 25, which would have led to thousands of fewer teachers over four years. The province has now reached agreements with all of the province`s major teachers` unions.

TORONTO – Ontario Primary Education teachers have agreed to increase their salaries by one per cent per year for three years, but they have received increases that are higher than originally planned by the government. Details of the deal were not immediately available, but the union`s 60,000 members were able to vote on the interim agreement early next month. The Ontario Secondary School Teachers` Federation and the government today announced the interim agreement. Before the schools closed, the four main teachers` unions were involved in employment actions when tensions with the government had escalated. Unions have recently renewed discussions with the government and school trust associations. The province has already reached agreements with other unions representing Catholic teachers, public primary teachers and French immersion teachers. In recent months, the province has entered into agreements with the Elementary Teachers` Federation of Ontario, the Ontario Teachers` Association and the Franco-Ontarian Teachers` Association. Education Minister Stephen Lecce said he was « pleased » with the interim agreement, which includes teaching assistants and the school board foundation board. We made a deal with @ETFOeducators, Ontario`s largest teachers` union.