Subject-Verb Agreement For High School

First of all, I choose some examples of student works and I project them on a screen with a docucamera. I will talk about the students` answers and why or why their circled subject-verb chords are correct. Before you start correcting errors, you should be aware of the rules for subject-verb compliance. In principle, the subject of the clause must correspond in number to the verb of the clause; If you have a plural, you must have a plural buble. I understand that an important aspect of learning subject-verb concordance is to identify subjects and verbs in sentences. To make the first reading more interesting and therefore more relevant, I bring some magazines and ask my students to consult them. I then told them to find an article that they find interesting. You read the article and identify a singular subject and verb and a plural subject and verb. It can be helpful to look at examples of subject-verb concordance to make sure you understand. Once you do, you`re willing to find a few common mistakes in your own work or in the work of others. If you`re still feeling a little uncertain about whether you want to use the appropriate verb to match the subject, test your knowledge with a few fun worksheets for the subject-verb agreement. Now that you know where you need to pay attention to common subject-verb compliance mistakes, you can write with more confidence and avoid embarrassing mistakes.

What is my topic? A subject-worm agreement Minilesson High school students explore the subject-worm agreement using sample newspapers and song lyrics. In addition to checking and identifying both correct and incorrect subject-verb correspondence, students examine when it may be appropriate to use non-grammatical language and talk about the difference between formal and informal language. They then invent quiz questions that they can share with their colleagues. The gist of the lesson is to ask students to know how this important grammatical rule is used (or deliberately ignored) in a large number of environments. Object – Verb Agreement Slide Presentation This slide presentation focuses on standardized test objects. It mentions problems with each/anyone, correlative conjunctions, indeterminate pronouns, interrupt sentences, and an inverted word order. It is designed for college and older. If an indeterminate pronoun acts as the subject of the sentence, it can cause confusion when it comes to the subject-verb agreement.. .

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