Service Level Agreement Plural

The terms defined here and used in these directives have in essence their meaning, both in their singular and in the plural, and the rest of the defined terms will have the meaning described in the other documents that make up the treaty. « customer, » the individual or legal person who signs the format and mandates the services. « customer data, » all data, including all text, audio or visual files and software, or any other type of file or link that the customer, its affiliates or customers make available to the provider on its behalf using the Services. « username, » the person or person who accesses and uses the services; and who are employees, contractors, subcontractors or third parties who are authorized by the customer to access and use the services and who always have the customer sign the services provided by the provider. Services must be enabled to access them. To activate the services, the customer must complete the link form and indicate which customers have access to the services, their emails and other additional information indicated in this document: and/or (ii) follow the instructions given by the provider to activate the services. The customer is responsible for the use of the assigned keys and the activation of the products without disclosing the keys to third parties. The provider will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to this provision of services, but not the laws and regulations that apply to the customer or its sector and which do not generally apply to IT service providers. The client will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to his customer data and his use of the Services, including laws and regulations applicable to the client or his sector. The customer will defend the supplier and its subsidiaries against all claims of a third party that is not a subsidiary: (i) in the sense that customer data or software that is not in the supplier`s possession and does not provide with the services used by the customer violates the third party`s patent, intellectual property or trademark rights or deliberately uses the supplier`s business secrets; or (ii) with respect to the customer`s use of the services and in violation of this contract. The client must pay the amount determined by a possible negative judgment, which is made on a fixed and definitive basis (or which is concluded in a transaction that the client gives his consent).

This clause contains the supplier`s only recourse against these rights. The duration of processing of the customer`s data is the duration of the contract specified in the Terms and Conditions, which is the purpose and the clear objective of processing the customer`s data, including personal data, for the appropriate provision of services. The customer and, if necessary, the user cannot use: i) the use of reverse engineering techniques; (ii) decompiling or decompiling a service; (iii) the rental, allocation, resale or provision of accommodation services to third parties, unless expressly stated in the AASs; (iv) use the same license on two or more computers at the same time; (v) Update or Amendment This contract is between Seven Minds SAS (the « provider ») and the individual or corporation that is signed and duly identified in the « Customer Linking Format » document (which contains, among other things, the description of services, prices and terms of payment) (the « customer » as defined below).