Sales Agreement For Selling A Horse

6. Guarantees. In many cases, horses are sold without the seller`s commitment in terms of ability or fitness. As a salesperson, you want your contract to say, « This horse sells as it is, » with no guarantees or assurances about future fitness and performance » (it`s a disclaimer). If I refuse contracts for the seller, I also add a provision stating that the Seller`s oral or prior claims, unless they are contained in the written contract, are not binding. However, if you are the buyer and there is an oral statement from the seller you relied on for the purchase decision, make sure that statement is in the contract. It is customary to offer the right to have the horse examined by a veterinarian instead of offering a guarantee of solidity. In this case, the contract should stipulate: « In exchange for guaranteed guarantees, the seller offered the buyer the opportunity to have the horse examined. » 1. Identify the parts. These are buyers and sellers, including addresses, phone numbers and social security or federal tax identification numbers. The seller on the contract must be the person (s) listed on the horse`s registration papers. If the seller and registered owner are different, the seller`s power to sell the horse could be called into question. When a partnership or company owns a horse on a breeding register, the registry may require the signature of a person or person; Contact the registration for questions about the necessary possession or signatures.

2. Identify the horse. Include name, age, colour, marks, breed, registration number (if any) and other distinguishing signs. Also include special appointments; for example, if the buyer says that the horse is nominated future, and indicate whether the horse sold bred, with a breeding, or with a foal. Are you planning to sell your horse? Go to, the largest classifieds site in the equine network, and place your ad! When you buy a horse for the first time, it may be best to start with a calm and well-trained horse. Be sure to consult with an experienced horseman in order to find your needs. If you plan to raise the horse or use it for sports, I hope you already know everything you need to know, but it`s always a good idea to do your research and advise with experienced people. Once everything is written and the price is paid, you just need to have a public notary who makes it official and secures the sale against any possible fraud. As a general rule, you will find a notary in your local or regional offices. Congratulations – you are the new owner of a horse! If you`re sure this is the horse you want, then it`s time to negotiate a price. Write it down as soon as an agreement has been reached. You should also file a good faith to show that you are serious about buying.

4. Price and terms of sale. Include the sale price; If the buyer and seller agree to some form of trading or trading and exchange rate, this is clearly indicated. If the price of the horse is fully paid at the time of signing the contract, this should be called in the contract.