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Let me stress that we need such tax solutions, which guarantee budgetary revenues at all levels and ensure the implementation of all social commitments. It is important that they promote economic growth rather than hinder it. The main source of additional resources is the accumulation of the economic potential of the country and each of its regions. To achieve this, our economic growth rates should exceed those of the world. This is a difficult task, but not a case of wishful thinking. It is a precondition for the breakthrough in solving social, infrastructure, defence and other problems. The new government should aim to achieve these growth rates as its main guideline. We can use anyone and anyone as the object of coercion clauses. We use the basic form of the verb: I will still swim in the sea, even if it rains. (I don`t expect a rain, but it`s possible.) We may or may not even stand in front of the part of the clause or sentence on which we want to focus: as you undoubtedly understand, no other country has developed in this way. There will be something similar one day, but by then our guys will find better. For a time, the question was not whether we would be able to develop a strategic weapons system – some wondered whether our country would be able to safely store and maintain the nuclear weapons we inherited after the collapse of the USSR.

Russia had unpaid debts, its economy could not function without loans from the IMF and the World Bank; social domain has not been preserved. I think they are fantastic, even if they haven`t won any matches this season. When everyone gathered in the garden, Sergeant joined them and said, « Welcome, everyone! » It is clear that the development efforts of cities and other communities are linked to the need to address challenges in other areas such as health, education, the environment and transport. Initiatives in all of these segments require additional resources. I will continue to talk about this issue in my remarks. Also, it is possible to say Ahorita, even if you are not quite correct at this minute. For example, if you`re just minutes away from preparing to go to the door, but the person waiting for you is a little impatient to shout « Ahorita! » from the other room could save you a few extra minutes! We`ve rehabilitated the national roads.