Discount Card Sponsor Agreement

With the first option, your PTO makes available to the card company the names of companies you want as a participant, including large chains/franchises like McDonald`s. The company goes to these companies and receives a contract signed by each sponsor. If you select a plan in which you contact the companies themselves, the card company will provide all the necessary documents, including the contracts to be signed. If you don`t have anyone on your team with a scanner and design skills, you can enter into a contract with a local photocopy shop to compile your images (scanning logos, writing the copy of the offer and formatting the card) and printing and rolling the cards. Ask the store to exchange its services for a free advertising room on the card and in your newsletter. Each child is then sent home with two cards and a ticket. « It`s best to send tickets home in a day when there`s an open house or something that brings parents to school, but if you can`t plan that, it doesn`t matter, » Stallings says. The voucher explains the program and asks for permission for the child to sell the tickets. The note offers four tick box options: collecting money for your organization is hard work. However, if you take a collaborative and creative approach, you will find it easier to achieve your goals while supporting your community. Give your fans the ability to use great deals with fund-reduction cards. The Scholars Discount Card makes it easy for community groups to connect to local businesses. Promote the causes closest to you and help others save money.

With our selection of discount cards and keyrings, it`s easy, easy and lucrative to make your name known. You can access the website to change and update your account information and communication settings. When you change your account information, you agree to provide accurate and complete information. Cardholders can search online for savings and participating sponsors. If you want to buy goods or services online on the sponsor`s website or website, you may need to enter the card number to get the discount. Although the company has made an effort to maintain the list of sponsors and savings, the company is not responsible for false or incomplete information about sponsors or its rebate. You can make corrections to sponsors and/or Jennifer Rodr at Charles Haskell Elementary School in Edmond, Okla., which sends order forms home instead of the cards themselves. This is a popular plan for groups that don`t want to send cards home, but it generally doesn`t respond as well. Your school has a bonus program for the sale of tickets in progress. Each child who sells two or more cards receives a hat. All students participate in a week`s reward. « They`ll have long breaks with popsicles, no-homework tag, hat day and cakes thrown at the school principal, » she says.

« Families who sell our eight-card goal will also receive their names in a raffle for gift certificates for the locations of our city. The top three teachers will then receive gift certificates for the classroom. The two best sellers will receive an additional prize. Note: All the information contained and collected in this app is used to provide you, the cardholder, savings and discounts.