Boyfriend Girlfriend Roommate Agreement

I really understand how you feel. I`m going through the same situation, even though one of my roommates has moved and the other is moving. I still feel attacked and I really don`t understand why, because my friend is always in my room, eats my food, uses my things and stays out of sight. He usually spends the evening and does his homework with me in my room, then leaves very early, so there is no chance to see him. I know it bothers her that he passes, but he doesn`t do anything to disturb her. I told my roommate that I knew my other roommate had a problem with it, and she said they could live with him as well, but what I don`t understand is that this is my room and they barely see it. She said they didn`t want to tell me anything because I`m going to make up excuses like my place so it doesn`t matter. This is not an excuse, it is a fact. It doesn`t use or disturb their lives, so it shouldn`t matter. Anyway, as far as your situation is concerned, it`s really hard to be friends with roommates I was friends with before moving in and we`re not that close anymore. I feel better that way, because you`ll be able to tell them things about your life situation without worrying about it hurting your friendship. Roommates are really hard to deal with, especially when you think you`re not doing anything wrong and feel like the victim. The best thing they can do is to be as nice as possible, and when they talk about it, tell them that he respects everyone in the apartment and that you are sorry.

There really isn`t much else to say or do, because you won`t stop having it, which is understandable. I know what you think, because I`ve thought about it a lot. I hate going home because I know they`re going to be angry, that he`ll come with me if we`re both friendly and don`t bother anyone. I moved into a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment with someone I had never met before. I had roommates, so I thought I was ready to move in with a perfect foreign situation. The first year was good. I had doubts about renewing my lease, but for the most part, we agreed. She is excellent at paying her half of the rent and incidentals on time, she is rather clean and she had never done any drama until then….