Aviation Consignment Agreement

Alexey Petin, Head of Strategic Purchasing at S7 Technics, added: « This agreement is an important effort to promote S7 Technics` competitive position and continue to monitor the needs of our customers in the region. We are very pleased to develop our relationship with Satair. How about virtual shows? They shipped the parts, but the physical location of the parts remains on the sender`s property. This may be desirable for parts that are very large and/or whose shipping costs would alter the attractiveness of the agreement. As I described on this blog, my first thought was to make a linear presentation of the themes without any colorful touch of expression… but it wouldn`t be a Royboy blog. So let me quickly and clearly express some of the pain you can inflict on yourself with a few shipments: from accessories to avionics, instruments, propellers or even consumables, Duncan Aviation`s consignment experts help operators turn excess parts of the aircraft into cash and help them free up the storage space they sorely need. Read the Duncan Debrief to see what many Duncan Aviation customers have to say about Duncan Aviation`s aircraft parts shipping program. Although the world doesn`t seem as big with the Internet and advanced technology, it`s a daunting task to market your replacement aircraft parts yourself and make a profit in progress. I suggest you turn to an aircraft parts shipping program that will market and market your aircraft parts inventory in a wider network of potential aircraft parts buyers. Aircraft programs can turn your replacement aircraft parts into extra money.

The reason you decide to send your aviation parts is because a shipping program has the resources to market your parts to a wider audience than you can do yourself. Always ask for your marketing plan and how many aircraft parts Locator services are used to promote your specific parts of aviation. Managing a surplus of aircraft parts can be a challenge for each operator. They want to sell the surplus, but they cannot find space, power or time. The partnership with the right aircraft parts shipping program is very important. Think of these tips while you search for the best match. Of course, this is just a small intro in the exciting world of shows. Don`t be afraid to leave some comments or words of wisdom for readers at the end of this blog. Some aircraft parts have emission programs, others do not.

Always ask what they are before signing the contract.