Apa Itu Confidentiality Agreement

The provisions relating to confidentiality agreements in Indonesia are set by Trade Secrets Act 30 2000 (Trade Secrecy Act). If, at any time, friends are invited to sign a confidentiality agreement, make sure friends clearly understand the written rules. Make sure friends already know and understand the risks they face when friends leak confidential company information. In the economy, there are things that need to be kept confidential. You may have been asked by the company not to disclose certain information by the company. Many companies ask their employees to sign confidentiality or NOA agreements to ensure that secrets are secured and that those caught in the act of secret leaking can be punished. It sounds scary, but is the NDA so scary and how is it practiced in Indonesia? In the professional world, a confidentiality agreement (NDA) is a confidentiality agreement that binds the employee who signs it. It is a complete explanation of the confidentiality agreement and its types. There are two types of NOAs: the reciprocal confidentiality agreement and the confidentiality agreement. For those who have been involved in the business world for a long time, the term confidentiality agreement or NOA is often meant.

Businesses and employees need to understand the NDA as an important form of the agreement. Because without a good understanding, an abandoned NOA can bring it to the green table. Non-reciprocal means here that only one party has the potential to disseminate sensitive information … . This NDA may be named by another name, z.B.: confidentiality agreement, confidential disclosure agreement, confidentiality agreement or property information agreement. All of these conditions refer to agreements between two or more parties to preserve confidentiality. Each company loses money if one of them disseminates only one piece of information. . Both have signed a joint NOA, as all information provided at each meeting is confidential. The NOA can be regulated at any level, but there are six main elements that are considered important: Unfortunately, many are not really interested.

In fact, the consequences can lead us to the realm of law. . The NDA itself is common in the business world, as it is one of the most powerful ways to protect information that must remain confidential. In the business world, agreements generally deal with work ethic, work procedures and other guidelines. The agreement states that you are not authorized to explain the work done in detail, in any form during the specified period. Adi works in company X, then he is responsible for the maintenance of the company`s confidential data. The NDA can also be called a confidentiality agreement. B. Redevelopment of products resulting from the use of other people`s business secrets made exclusively for the purpose of developing the product concerned. Based on all the information mentioned above, protected information may include marketing strategies and distribution plans, prospecting processes, production processes or proprietary software. Here, X Adi asks to sign an NDA so that it does not disseminate the company`s data.

The date of implementation of the NDA depends on the agreement. Some NOAs may be declared for a specified period of time. Some also said that until one of the parties died. NOA is also often used before discussions between companies seeking financing and potential investors.