Acceptable Use Agreement

Computer and information departments and other academic departments that operate and maintain computers, network systems and servers expect an acceptable level of performance and must ensure that light, excessive or inappropriate use of resources by one or a few people does not affect the performance of others. The campus network, computer clusters, mail servers, and other centralized computing resources are widespread and limited, so resources must be used taking into account others who also use them. It is therefore expressly forbidden to use automated processes to gain a technical advantage over other members of the Brown community. Follow our guide to developing a robust acceptable use policy for businesses. If your acceptable use policy has been verified, approved and distributed, have each employee sign a copy of the document. If a directive is violated, you can hold the offender to account. Rewriting an acceptable use guideline from the bottom up is now very tedious and, honestly, useless. Why not get a head start with a model? You can find a lot of them for free online. For most AUP documents, the section that describes unacceptable uses of the network, as posted in the University of Chicago`s AUP, is central. Unacceptable behavior may include the creation and transmission of offensive, obscene or indecent materials or images, the creation and transfer of material intended to cause nuisance, inconvenience or fear, the production of defamatory material, the creation and transmission that infringes another person`s copyright, the transfer of unwanted commercial or advertising material and intentional unauthorized access to other services accessible through the network/Internet connection. Then there is the type of activity that the network uses to waste time of technical staff to solve a problem for which the user is the cause of damaging or destroying the data of other users, violating the privacy of others online, using the network to deny service to others, continue to use software or other system whose use has already been warned, and any other misuse of the network, such as for example. B the introduction of viruses.

Generally, acceptable use means respecting the rights of other computer users, the integrity of physical facilities, and all relevant license and contract agreements. If it is determined that a person is violating the Acceptable Use Directive, the university takes disciplinary action, including the limitation and eventual loss of network rights.